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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume

Britney Spears Fantasy is my ultimate teenage perfume. It's also still one that regularly makes it onto my perfume shelf time and time again. My Grandparents gave me a bottle for my birthday and Nan said "So you don't feel too old!" I'm only 23. Boo.

Packaging wise this is aimed at teenage girls and I loved it back then. Nowadays it's not my favourite but I don't dislike it as it reminds me of being young! It really stands out against all my other perfumes though which are all black, gold and clear! The packaging of course reflects the price as it's a very inexpensive perfume at around £20 or under for 30ml.

The scent is floral with top notes of Jasmine (my favourite) and Orchid with base notes of musk and red lychee. I think it's really sweet but still quite grown up at the same time and is perfect for day or night. The staying power in the Eau de Toilette is actually better than some of the much more expensive EDP's I've used; it lasts easily for 6 hours. This perfume is actually made by Elizabeth Arden which produces some really long lasting fragrances so you are may not pay for the price of one but you are getting high end quality.

I think the best thing about the perfume is that you don't feel guilty about laying this on. Sometimes I have to savour my perfumes as I can't afford to splurge £60 on a new bottle; if I use this one up I can always afford another. 

What's your favourite celebrity perfume?

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