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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Lifestyle: Summer Soulstice 2014

Do you remember when I went to Summer Soulstice last year with my family? No? Here's the post.
As you can see it was glorious weather and even a tan was had.

Not this year.

Rain, rain and cold and rain. Not that it dampened the mood (ok it did for a while but once I got had a few ciders in me that soon changed).

Bracelets: Miss Selfridge

My Dad was asked to DJ this year which made him very happy and I was very proud to be his daughter; I definitely have the coolest Dad out of anyone I know!

"Channelling my inner farmer - nobody looks perfect being in the wet and cold all day"

The food is always great at these things - lots of food trucks serving fish & chips, Caribbean food, pasta, pizza and these wraps! Oh my God it was like chicken, chorizo, halloumi and lots of other great crap all thrown together. 

Again a really great family day out, it's so rare we get to spend time just the four of us so even though the rest of the family didn't go I'm glad we still got to have a fun day out. And an even funnier 4 mileswalk home with Dad pissed out of his head...

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Fashion: Nike Blazers Liberty Edition

I've always wanted a pair of Nike Blazers. As much I hate to admit it I can be a bit of a sheep when it comes to fashion, if there's a trend I like I'll be all over it however I seem to take the plunge with things about 3 months after everyone else. And when I do join in I like to put my twist on these.

When I saw Liberty where joining up with Nike for a collection I waited and waited until the release date and of course they sold out everywhere online. Not living in London meant I checked daily for online stockists to have them in but it was not to be. Cue me dragging my friend Andy around Soho to find me a pair after the first England world cup match (we were slightly hungover so big thumbs up for that)! 

I finally found some in Topshop's Oxford Circus store and spent a while deciding if I could justify spending £95.00 on them; Andy and two shop assistants insisted they were perfect for me. So of course I got them. There's only one print available but on a variety of styles. I personally love the print, it's not too girly (these are in fact unisex) but still more feminine than the other blazers out there. They look amazing with jeans and denim shorts.

I am so happy I took the plunge with these although they are more of display piece; in which I mean you wouldn't want to get these ruined at a festival or a muddy park but they are great for anything without lots of dirt (they are just too pretty to ruin).

Now if Liberty were to put their brighter prints on some more blazers I could see my bank balance having a very big problem...

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Beauty: My Smooth Leg Routine

Summer is well and truly here now which means I am living in dresses, skirts & shorts. The only downside is trying to keep my pins nice and smooth but I think I have nailed a routine so thought I would share it with you!

Step One: Exfoliate

You need to start off with a good scrub down to remove any dead skin and give your legs a smooth surface. I really like any of Soap & Glory's but currently enjoying their Scrub of your life as although it really scrubs away it also foams well and moisturises. 

Step Two: Hair Removal

The bane of all our lives right? I usually dry my legs slightly and pop some shaving foam on. I find if you don't have any baby oil works wonderfully too! I love Venus razors I think they are the best and definitely worth the money. I never cut myself shaving or snag my skin at all!

Step Three: Tone.

This isn't a necessary step but I find that using a body brush once dry helps get your circulation going and reduces any signs of cellulite. I love using Champney's Mineral Detox Firming Hip & Thigh Gel* after this step to help firm things a bit. The only thing about this product is it smells like men's aftershave, which is lovely but it's slightly strange for a product aimed at women!

Step Four: Moisturise

I feel this is the most important step! Your legs are now smooth and hairless but they will be dry and not so silky to touch unless you moisturise. I have plenty to choose from but recently I've been loving LUSH's Sympathy for the Skin* which has bananas (my favourite) in it, which are known for softening the skin. This stuff lingers on you for ages and is so rich which I love as I hate moisturisers that disappear 20 minutes after putting it on.

What are your best tips for getting summer ready?