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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tisty Tosty

I woke up all lovely today & then my boyfriend pissed me off. So then I was in a bad mood. I decided to do some rowing on the trusty rowing machine and then decided to give this another bash. 

I hate this lady and I only wanted to do 10 minutes of the exercises. I just don't like being told what to do haha! Zumba is completely different because it's fun and I like the music!

I then decided to have a bath mainly to try one of my new Lush products!

I picked up a couple of pretty bath things in Lush when I got my lip scrub! I rarely have baths but I thought I would treat myself to some bathing goodies.

I loved the prettiness of this heart. It's called Titsy Tosty and you put it in the bath and it fizzes away until all the roses end up all around the bathtub!


I also got a lovely bright pink bomb but I will show you when I use it (so in a few months haha)!

Hope you all have a better day then I am having!!!


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Models Own & Nails of the Week

I totally abused Boots 3 for 2 offer today. I got make up, some Real Techniques brushes (I will these review asap but I want to actually use them & get a feel for them first!) and some Models Own nail polishes.

Clockwise from top - Pink Fizz, Utopia, Indian Ocean.

I don't know about you but Pink Fizz was very hard to come across from December 2011 - present. When I saw it in the Boots stand today I almost fell over. Utopia I felt would be a lovely base coat for Pink Fizz and also lovely nude shade on its own. Indian Ocean was more of a impulse buy, the bottle just looks beautiful. I have a few blues in my nail collection so thought this would look nice over them. To be honest I probably could have done without Indian Ocean as it's very similar colour wise to O.P.I Save me by Nicki Minaj. But I love the pinky/purple shades within it.

Indian Ocean, Utopia, Pink Fizz

These are actually my first ever Models Own purchases! I must say I thought the brush was a little thin when I opened it but it applies really nicely and precisely. I would say that with Utopia you need 2 coats to make it opaque and of course with the other two you just apply as wanted. I'm really impressed with the brand actually - I want some more colours asap.

These are on 3 for 2 at Boots right now so I got all 3 for £10 which was the main reason I took the plunge! Very pleased I did!

Left to Right - Utopia with Indian Ocean over the top, Utopia on it's own, Utopia with Pink Fizz over the top and another Utopia on it's own!

Sorry for the rubbish nail polish applying skills but I just wanted to see what they looked like on!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Clothing Haul 002.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend? I had a rather naughty one in which lots of things were purchased! Saturday was spent shopping with Mum & Monday was a lovely trip to Birmingham with my boyfriend. I got a few things for myself but I was treated to a few bits from each so was very lucky indeed!



I've been on the search for a lovely brown bag and this will fit in everything & I like how slouchy it is! 


I love the little rope knots on the pumps but I wore these to Birmingham and I tell you they hurt like a beee-atch. I need those little pump socks you can get!


I liked the top so much I also got it in this pattern. They are baggy so perfect for when you get a food baby ;) I wear them with a little bandeau bra top to hide my bra as they are very strappy.


New Look


I like high necked vest tops spesh with shorts in the summer so thought I should stock up!


BEAUTIFUL! I love these so much.


These are super soft jeans and very similar to the Leigh Topshop Jeans! Bargain of the week right there!




Miss Selfridge


A lovely aztec ring from the sale!



I know summer is coming but I love cosying up on summer nights with things like this and I think it's the perfect to go with shorts so you aren't showing too much skin. (Plus my heating at home is broken so it's lovely and warm!)

I also got some Leigh black jeans at £38.00. I wanted them in black as I am going off leggings but they go with everything. This way I can wear shorter tops and show my bum without showing my underwear. I think leggings should always be worn with a top that covers the bum - just saying!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Maybelline Master Precise

I am definitely a eyeliner kinda girl. I think it makes my eyes look bigger and makes me feel all done up & ready for the day. Of course when I was younger I stuck to cheaper brands such as Collection 2000 & I have tried e.l.f's liquid eyeliner but I wanted one with staying power.

I went to Bicester Village about 2 years ago and spent around £16 on the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner which I adored and used every day, but then Maybelline released their version of the gel eyeliner at half the price of the Bobbi Brown. In my opinion there is not much noticeable difference between the 2 (apart from the price!) so the cheaper one won & has been my eyeliner of choice ever since.

Maybelline's Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner was released very recently across most stockists and I got mine for £5.99. As much as I love my gel eyeliner I feel a proper liquid can give better precision & a better flick look in the outer corner of my eye which is what I am after on a night out! 

The eyeliner is pretty much a standard pen design which is very flexible meaning it follows your movement and well....behaves itself. I love the the fact I don't have to put much effort in at all to create a perfect look.

I chose the black colour as I like it to look quite "statement" but I think they also do a brown too! 

What's your favourite liquid eyeliner?

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

MAC Mini Haul

So has anyone noticed that the weather is started to get a bit better and brighter? Me and my boyfriend hate winter so much and everyday we talk about it getting closer to summer - I swear we are going to move somewhere hot when we can!!

I decided that I needed a couple of new make up bits to start the transition to spring! And I needed an excuse to start extending my MAC collection! So I only bought 2 products but I'm very happy with them!

Firstly the much talked about MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj.

Now my first excuse for buying this is that the proceeds go to the MAC Aids Fund so it's kinda like doing a good deed whilst treating yourself! My second excuse was that I love Nicki Minaj - In fact I wore a blonde wig out the other night as I was fancy dressed as a Barbie and my friend kept calling me it! I really like the colour, it's the perfect summer colour. It's a yellow undertoned pink which is a bit different than other pinks but I enjoy the fact it leans towards a coral colour. It is a satin lipstick which I haven't tried yet but I have to say I am enjoying it a lot more than the glaze formula of my MAC Angel - tons more staying power & nice and creamy!

As much as I love my MAC Mocha powder blush it is quite a dark, matte formula and I prefer a more natural flush of pink or coral in the summer months. I decided to go for Well Dressed which is a baby pink satin formula. 

 L-R: MAC Mocha and MAC Well Dressed

I'm sorry I didn't swatch this but it is a very light shade which is quite hard to photograph! I'm really loving the shimmer effect and this blusher goes beautifully with my MAC Angel!

It's my best friends 21st Birthday today & she is Miss Anti Birthday! So I'm surprising her by taking her to Bedford for a lunch with our 2 friends that go to Uni there. Nothing fancy but I am not going to let her sit in on her birthday! 

Hope you all enjoy the lovely weather today!

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