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Thursday, 14 May 2015

May Fashion Wishlist


River Island May 2015

Miss Selfridge May 2015

Summer is nearly here (well the UK version) and I'm off on holiday in two weeks as well as a wedding so I'm refreshing the new in pages of some of my favourite shops way too often. I have some vouchers for the shops above so I've shared some of the pieces I would love to put them towards. Let me know your favourite pieces as I can't decide what to get!

Tanice xo

Monday, 11 May 2015

It's been a while...

It's been a while hasn't it? I noticed I had a few new followers recently and thought someone out there likes what I write a little bit. I'll be honest, the reason I don't write is because I feel like everyone else covers everything I want to read myself so what can I bring to the table. I do love blogging though and it's good to have a hobby. So I'm back baby. Let's start with a little run down of what's been going on and what I'm looking forward to shall we?

I went on my first proper Hen Do at the end of April! I went on my oldest friend's sister one in Northampton when I was 18 and I just felt like the coolest 18 year old with all the willy straws laughing into endless bottles of Martini Asti. We went to Brighton, walked the pier, ate fish and chips, drank all day, danced and sang all night (karaoke is everything). I had such a fun time and cannot wait for the wedding!

Speaking of the wedding, I have to jet off from the reception straight to the airport so catch a 5am flight to Tunisia for a week of sun, sea and being horizontal. I am going to load my kindle with a library of books and set up camp on a sun lounger and work on my tan. Mia will be there too so I have someone to play with all week long.

Work is going really well. Some of my favourite people there are leaving/left so that sucks but I feel like I'm doing really well. If you didn't know I'm an events supervisor for a hotel so plan conferences, weddings, parties, golf breaks etc. I'm actually applying for a management programme within the brand so fingers crossed I get it!

Oh and finally I kinda hate everything in my wardrobe right now. I feel like my style has change again and I want to experiment more now it's summertime. I'm going to aim to do a weekly outfit post  to give me a chance to not just wear jeans, converse and a cami which is my go to outfit when I can't be bothered to dress up.

This weekend I'm off out to get some holidays bits, go to a party and hopefully see Pitch Perfect 2!

What are you up to for the rest of May?

Tanice xo

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

BRITS Red Carpet Looks 2015

So I'm in bed nursing a cold and eating copious amount of orange to get some Vitamin C in me. Normally I'd moan but it's BRITS night - I'm a huge music fan as you all know and love a bit of red carpet glamour. Here's my thoughts on some of tonight's looks...

Fearne Cotton. She just never does wrong in my opinion. She's all about the fun and I love everything about this outfit. I would kill for this dress; it's the perfect party dress. I love the Brits because it's not all haute couture like the Oscars, it's all about being fun & having a party.


Shout out to best dressed man, Sam Smith. He looks bloody gorgeous here! Blue is definitely his colour.

I'm sorry FKA Twigz but this is just in every way wrong. I just don't get it.

Rita Ora. I love the sparkle and the plunging necklace however I feel this would have been better just as a dress, anyone else? Although it wouldn't be Rita without some sort of edge. Her make up is on point though.

Oh Taylor Swift be my best friend already? I don't like the dragon. The dragon is weird. But she kinda rocks it.

Charlie XCX. Too much side boob and I think this would 100% with strappy sandals and not pointed shoes. Also if I had easy access to a hairdresser before walking down the red carpet I would hope I was paying them to give me more than this do.

*WINNER* Laura Whitmore may have been presenting but this look is everything! She looks stunning I love the yellow dress and the ridiculous high heels. 

Michelle Keegan looks flawless as always but I do feel although the bag is nice and fun it just doesn't go with the rest of it.

I always love how fun Cara makes everything. I love dressing down to look dressed up and she looks comfortable which is a must for me!

Kim K was on her way to see hubby perform and I lovvve this body suit. The cut out detailing is brilliant and very flattering.

All my pictures are sourced here.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

My Trip to Budapest.

This post is long overdue but I thought I would share my trip to Budapest that I took over New Years! I've included where I stayed, what we saw and did so hopefully you will get some inspo if you ever go!

The city is split into 2 sides; Buda is West of the River and Pest is East. Pretty much everything is on the Pest side including the nightlife so I would recommend staying on this side. We stayed in a place called Heritage Home Apartments on a road called Dob. U which was in the middle of the nightlife, a 5 minute walk from the nearest metro station. The apartments are beautiful. High ceilings, fireplaces, lots of mood lighting and super modern. I would have moved in tomorrow with an armful of photos so make it a tad more homely but I wouldn't have changed anything for a short stay.

Usually when I go away I have everything planned out but we just wanted to walk around, take the city in and just go with the flow. Budapest has a lovely energy over Christmas and New Year's, lots of people in their 20's there for a cheap winter break and extra cheap booze. 

Less than a 15 minute walk to Vörösmarty tér, the main square in the city centre where there are shops, restaurants and bars (or at Christmas time a lively market filled with music, food & mulled wine). 

You'll see these pastry things everywhere - they smell amazing! Tasted pretty good too!

Where we stayed was also a 5 minute walk to St. Stephen's Basilica which is beautiful inside and out but nothing compared to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or St. Peter's in Rome. I'm very lucky to have visited some beautiful places!

City Park has a lot going on and is easily reachable by getting the yellow line on the Metro or you can stroll up Andrassy Avenue, it's about a 30 minute walk.  Up there you have a few museums in Heroe's Square, Europe's largest outdoor ice rink, the Budapest Zoo and the Szechenyi Baths (a must do in Winter - walking on ice barefoot in minus 5 degree weather & getting into a hot bath is amazing).


Bloody Freezing I was!

I would also recommend going down to the Chain bridge at night and walking across. We never made it into the Buda Castle but it was lovely to see it all lit up as well as the Parliament Buildings. 

If you know me you know I love to have a drink and party. Budapest was our chosen destination as we heard people really let their hair down and the booze was stupidly cheap. They were right and I cannot wait to go back for a summer weekend or hen party one day! Heritage Home Apartments is literally in the middle of the nightlife by Gozsdu Udvar which is a strip of restaurant and bars and it's also right around the corner from the Jewish Quarter which is lined with bars. A vodka and coke comes in at less than £2.00 and a bottle of decent wine is less than £10.00. The music is all English and they love their house & RnB, everyone is really friendly and most people are foreigners like us.

New Years Eve we headed down to the main square after some sparkling Hungarian wine for some food and mulled wine before the fireworks went off at midnight. 

It was so nice to go away with one of best friends and experience somewhere really random together, we literally had the best time and I can't wait to go back with a bigger group and party the nights away!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

New Brand Alert: Orelia Jewellery

Orelia Jewellery

Now Orelia isn't a new brand however I have just discovered them. When it comes to jewellery everyone knows I love my rings and love to switch up what I wear. I'm not a fan of Primark rings (although love their cheap statement necklaces) but I'm ever so clumsy so don't want anything too dear (Monica Vinader rings makes me swoon).

I cam across Orelia on ASOS but they also have a website and in a lot of the Topshop stores as a concession. I love how dainty everything is but still a bit sparkly. I like to mix and match my rings and always have a minimum of 3 on at a time - I want to buy all of them. Seriously if you know me just click on the link below for my birthday/Christmas/Tuesday.

There isn't much silver on the website, mainly rose gold which is still so popular at the moment and little bits of colour such as pinks and turquoise to keep it interesting.

I'm on a bit of a spending ban right now but I really can't resist that eye ring in the middle...

Orelia can be found here!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Happy Hump Day No. 02

Happy Hump Day people! I do hope you're week is going well? Here's a few thing's I've been up to and enjoying this past week.

Last Thursday Dad took me to see Omid Djalili (he's that Iranian comedian) and took me to one of my favourite little restaurants in Northampton called The Seafood Cafe. It's not somewhere you would go for a group dinner with friends but the do the best fish supper in town!

As you may have seen on my twitter Saturday I went away for the ultimate sleepover. A top notch three course dinner (see above), wine & chocolates in the room and then watching The Fault in Our Stars in bed with one of my best friends. Sometimes working for a hotel chain does have very good benefits!

Talking of The Fault in our Stars, what a film! I loved the book but the film surpassed the book for me and I have never said that about any film. The cast were just incredible and the story was told beautifully. It will make you cry but it's honestly placed into one of my top 5 films ever (I rented it and watched it 3 days in a row). I must buy the DVD asap.

It's Valentine's Day this weekend and I'm going out with the girls to celebrate my friend's Birthday with skittle vodka's and a good catch up - they are my loves so no one I'd rather spend it with.

Next week marks one of my favourite evenings of the year - PANCAKE DAY. I love it and we do it right in my house. I'm the official pancake tosser in our household so will have a busy night ahead of me as we can easily put away 20 of them in a night. We don't have dinner either to make sure there's lot of room. Screw Slimming World on that night!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Happy Hump Day No. 01

Welcome to a new series I fully intend to stick to. Wednesday aka Humpday a day where the stress of the week is at it's highest yet the weekend is in sight. I'm using this day to write down the things I'm loving, enjoyed getting up to and the looking forward to in. A mid week catch up if you will.

Here's 5 things which made the last 7 days pretty decent:
  1. Mum coming home with a whole bag full of perfumes. She works in the scent industry and they have to buy products to try and match them. I got about 5 new perfumes including Flora by Gucci, Chloe & Miss Dior Cherie!
  2. Going to an Ann Summers party! I’ve been to a few but I love how open everyone is about the deed with no judgement and it’s always just such a laugh.
  3. I placed my first ever Sephora order. I spent way too much but I cannot wait to try out my goodies and show you what I got.
  4. How I spent my Sunday; watching TV with one of my best friends eating matchmakers, then Starbucks with 3 of my other friends and then a pub dinner with the girls. Literally makes me so happy that I have all these amazing people in my life and I can spend my day with them.
  5. Luther. Didn’t think it would be up my street - only bloody love it don’t I?! So much that I spent my Saturday afternoon in bed watching.