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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Models Own Champagne

Boots 3 for 2 on Models Own is always an offer I cannot turn down. Models Own is my favourite nail brand and take pride of place in my ever expanding nail polish collection (over 60 polishes is not healthy). 

Today's one I'd like to share is Champagne. I own very few metallics as I find the majority tacky but I was really drawn to this one. It is what it says it is - a champagne colour. It is the right amount of metallic and shine and is totally opaque with one coat.

 It makes a change from my super bright nails on a night out and gives a more grown up classy look especially with all black. It's nice but wait until you see the next colour I that's a summer beaut!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Bourjois Blush Pot in Sienne

For some reason I always overlook Bourjois when I'm making shopping for makeup. I have had one of my blush pots in my collection for longer than I would care to admit and it seems to live in a little lonesome corner of one of my MUJI drawers. A while back Boots had buy 2 Bourjois products and get a free blush pot so of course I caved.

I opted for Sienne which is a darkish blush. I can't really describe the colour, it's not pink nor coral but it just adds warmth to your face. I like that it doesn't have any shimmer and that it's really subtle. It's quite good as a contour too!

It's not the best product I've used but it has been in make up bag for work for a quick fix up when I go straight out for dinner!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself

I got this for free when stocking up on Soap & Glory bits and as I never doubt the brilliance of S&G products I was excited. Butter Yourself is a body cream containing five fruits and AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which claim to be exfoliating on the skin and aim to improve the skin's texture. 

The scent of this is the same as Pulp Fiction, a fruity foamy scrub which I really like but the one thing I don't like about Butter Yourself is the texture. When you apply this it feels like a balm and I'm not a fan at all, it doesn't feel thick and like it's doing a lot when you rub it in. Saying that after you leave it to sink in it does feel like your moisturised and very, very soft. So points for that! I can't say I notice that my skin has been exfoliated but the texture does feel a lot smoother but only for a little while so I don't think the AHA's are such a brilliant thing. 

So meh. Probably the least favourite product I've tried from S&G and I would say I'm disappointed but I'm sure some people love it and I always have my Righteous Butter in my life to save my dry skin.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet

I love Revlon lip products. I've said it before and I'll say it again I'm sure. I particularly love the lip butters as they providing a pop of bright colour without being to bright as they are a balmy form. I'm not going to go into the formula etc as we all know and love it; I just wanted to share the new colour I got recently.

Sorbet is a bright, fuchsia pink that is incredibly summery and I love it. During the week I go for a subtle lip as I think bright pink lips at work are a bit of a no-no but at the weekend I whip out my stash and choose what I'm wearing at the weekend. Since I've gotten this I have worn it every weekend as I'm hoping it will help bring out the sunshine.

I need to set myself a rule that I have to finish one lipstick before I start a new one as I have way to many for a normal person. But still nowhere near as many as a beauty blogger ;)

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

After reading Lily's post on this perfume I was half sold and when I sniffed it in House of Fraser last I was completely sold. I decided to wait until my holiday to buy it in duty free but my lovely Mum surprised me with a bottle of it when she went on a work trip to Germany. I was a very happy girly.

I love the box the bottle comes in as it's bright, colourful but I'm not to keen on the label, I don't think the brown goes but I understand why it is there. The bottle is fine, it's nothing special and for a high end brand I thought it be a tad more luxurious. 

The top notes in this perfume are citrus scents such as blood orange and sicilian citron along with bergamot and lemon tree leaves. When you smell this perfume you smell a sweet, coconut smell which just has holiday written all over it. It honestly makes me feel like I'm sitting in the Caribbean with a piña colada.

The perfume is released every year around May and small changes are made with each edition, therefore if you want it to last you all year; get two bottles. I personally feel this fragrance is totally for summer and isn't one of the perfumes you can transfer into winter time. Which means I plan on using every drop before October is out.

This perfume is available in most fragrance retailers and only comes in an 100ml size (no complaints here) for £45. 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sleek Face Contour Kit

If I only had 2 minutes to do my make up firstly I would apply mascara. Secondly I would contour. I think it makes a big difference to my face and faking the fact I have cheekbones and not little chubsters is a difference I love to make. 

I love the old Sleek Contour kits and have hit pan on two of them. Having darker skin I feel Sleek really caters for girls of all ethnicities and the dark contouring shades in their kits are perfect for me! Sleek have brought out newer style contour kits with a third product and quite a price increase going from £6.49 to £9.99. 

The three colours are as follows:

A dark contour to use under your cheekbones, sides of the nose and temples.

A highlighter to use above the cheekbones, down the middle of the nose and the brow bone.

A golden bronzer to dust over cheeks and wherever else you fancy!

I was sceptical of the two shimmer products as I hate looking like a glitter ball but the matte against the shimmer really works and it's subtle leaving you with a healthy look and not a drag queen.

I really want to delve into other brands contouring products; particularly Kevin Aucoin's Sculpting Powder (£34 eek!) but I can't imagine anything beating this for a tenner just yet so will continue to re-buy until I fall out of love with it. 

Monday, 13 May 2013

Sleek True Colour Lipstick

I've tried one of the Sleek True Colour Lipsticks in a matte formula (Vixen a true red that I love) and although I think the bullets are small, I definitely wanted to try a different formula.

I picked up Barely There, I true nudey pink. I've honestly never found a such a perfect pink nude for my skin tone until now. It reminds me of a mixture of MAC's Angel (too pink for me) and MAC's Hue (too light for me) so this was just right. The formula is a sheen formula which is very similar to MAC's Cremesheen formula which is my favourite type. Actually looking at the lipstick colour range I realised there are quite a few MAC dupes in there. I found one for Cyber, Girl About Town, Rebel and Morange and at £5 a pop they are so worth it!

If you are a MAC lipstick lover like myself but begrudge the £14 each time you need a new colour I highly recommend checking out the whole Sleek lipstick collection. My local Superdrug didn't have all the colours on show but go online here and theres lots and lots.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

My Picks 003.

Film: Iron Man 3

My favourite films are all the Marvel films but Iron Man is perhaps my all time fave superhero. Robert Downey Jnr is perhaps perfect as I love sarcasm, cockiness and brains. Some people were sceptical of Marvel bringing out a third instalment but I have no idea why. It was so much better than the second one! It was a lot more funny but also had some really good action bits too. I freakin' loved it and will probably go see it again at the cinema next week. I highly recommend if you are fan of comic hero films like me!

Story: Keira Knightley's Wedding

I read about this on the Daily Mail Online earlier today and thought it was such a breath of fresh air. Being an event coordinator and earning my living based on weddings, I've already seen my fair share of weird & wonderful ones in my short career and as much as I love a big wedding, I feel the wedding is the main focus for many brides; not the marriage. Her wedding ceremony was 11 people in the city hall in a small French town where they drove away in a Clio. She wore a simple Chanel dress with sunglasses and ballet pumps. How cute, right? I just think it's beautiful to see two people in love celebrate it in such a low key yet still romantic way. Read the article here.

Music: AlunaGeorge

Loving this duo right now and just cannot get enough of Aluna's childlike voice. All of their songs are such an easy listen and I blast this on my commute to work on the way home! 

Check out their latest song here!

Makeup Want: Mac's RiRi Woo

I love when MAC collaborates with celebrities and I really wanted the Rihanna version of MAC's Ruby Woo. I have put off investing in a MAC red colour and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to indulge. But alas, they sold out super quick so I have signed up to be notified when more are in stock. I keep checking my inbox frantically. Festival ready, bright lips be mine...

My Bank Holiday weekend has so far involved cooking a beautiful stir fry with my friends, eating way too much Ben & Jerrys, making american style pancakes for breakfast. I met up with two friends for a iced latté and we checked out Blacks mid-season sale to see if we could find tents for V Festival. And we did and both were half off! Score. Sunday is going to spent at my Grandparents in their garden eating, playing with cats and drinking lots of tea in the sunshine. Monday is BBQ and lots of cider time!! Enjoy your Bank Holiday whatever you do. And fingers crossed for sun, I really need a tan in my life.