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Monday, 21 April 2014

Fashion: Primark Statement Necklaces

I love a statement necklace. I don't like how because they have now become a thing the shops seems to be charging a fortune for them. Now I'm not one to sit trawling through eBay to find cheap but really detailed versions in the shops because I am too lazy for that. Plus if I want a cheap version I find Primark is the place to go. 

If my memory serves me correctly I got all three of these for £12.00; that's still a fraction of the price of Topshop or Zara where I've seen necklaces go for around £40.00. Ain't nobody loving a glorified piece of metal covered plastic enough to spend £40 on it!

I really like the latest ones I picked up last week; I think they are all quite different so can go with a variety of outfits. I find the turquoise one is a brilliant pop of colour for an all black outfit whereas the black rope and hoop one is the best for a night out as it's really detailed and sparkly.

It makes me smile a little bit when I open up my jewellery box and see all these style of necklaces alongside the super long pendant necklaces that used to be in fashion about 5 years ago; it's so funny how much my style has evolved and changed.

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