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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Beauty: River Island London Perfume

I love testing perfumes when shopping and spotted a few the other week when shopping. I didn't need another one but found myself really drawn to River Island's London Eau de Toilette. 

For £10.00 the packaging is really nice and girly. Compared to the other's on offer this is the darkest packaging and it is probably the "sexiest" of all. What I mean is all the other's are slightly more floral where as this is definitely more fruity with a bit of musk; definitely a bit more of a summer night out fragrance (not a patch on my beloved Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess though).

Unfortunately the ingredients don't really give away what the base notes and other scents are so it's kind of one of those products you will need to go and test and just go with it if you like it. Being a budget eau de toilette and not a eau de perfume the scent doesn't stay on for too long and isn't as strong as more expensive ones but I find it's great in an atomiser to take with you on the go on nights out. 

As I said try this out for yourself first (you may like one of the other's better) but if you would like to buy it online here's the link. I'm definitely going to wear this on my night out to a champagne bar tonight!

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