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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Beauty: My Smooth Leg Routine

Summer is well and truly here now which means I am living in dresses, skirts & shorts. The only downside is trying to keep my pins nice and smooth but I think I have nailed a routine so thought I would share it with you!

Step One: Exfoliate

You need to start off with a good scrub down to remove any dead skin and give your legs a smooth surface. I really like any of Soap & Glory's but currently enjoying their Scrub of your life as although it really scrubs away it also foams well and moisturises. 

Step Two: Hair Removal

The bane of all our lives right? I usually dry my legs slightly and pop some shaving foam on. I find if you don't have any baby oil works wonderfully too! I love Venus razors I think they are the best and definitely worth the money. I never cut myself shaving or snag my skin at all!

Step Three: Tone.

This isn't a necessary step but I find that using a body brush once dry helps get your circulation going and reduces any signs of cellulite. I love using Champney's Mineral Detox Firming Hip & Thigh Gel* after this step to help firm things a bit. The only thing about this product is it smells like men's aftershave, which is lovely but it's slightly strange for a product aimed at women!

Step Four: Moisturise

I feel this is the most important step! Your legs are now smooth and hairless but they will be dry and not so silky to touch unless you moisturise. I have plenty to choose from but recently I've been loving LUSH's Sympathy for the Skin* which has bananas (my favourite) in it, which are known for softening the skin. This stuff lingers on you for ages and is so rich which I love as I hate moisturisers that disappear 20 minutes after putting it on.

What are your best tips for getting summer ready?

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