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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tisty Tosty

I woke up all lovely today & then my boyfriend pissed me off. So then I was in a bad mood. I decided to do some rowing on the trusty rowing machine and then decided to give this another bash. 

I hate this lady and I only wanted to do 10 minutes of the exercises. I just don't like being told what to do haha! Zumba is completely different because it's fun and I like the music!

I then decided to have a bath mainly to try one of my new Lush products!

I picked up a couple of pretty bath things in Lush when I got my lip scrub! I rarely have baths but I thought I would treat myself to some bathing goodies.

I loved the prettiness of this heart. It's called Titsy Tosty and you put it in the bath and it fizzes away until all the roses end up all around the bathtub!


I also got a lovely bright pink bomb but I will show you when I use it (so in a few months haha)!

Hope you all have a better day then I am having!!!


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