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Monday, 30 April 2012

Johnson's Baby Lotion

I thought I would help everyone rediscover this little beaut.

I think we all remember this & a puff full of powder being poofed onto use after bath time when we were tiny! I've recently run out of my Liz Earle Clean and Polish and I wanted something cheap and effective to take off my make up. That's when I saw this on the shelf.

I use this with cotton wool pads and squirt it all over my face and buff off. It is actually so effective and it really does make my skin cleaner. I try to cleanse after with another cleanser in the bathroom but if I don't have the time or effort, I can go to bed happy that my face is make up free! I also use this as an all over body moisturiser!

The product comes out a nice girly pink, smells like ickle babies and at less than £3.00 for 500ml is a complete steal! I can't believe we all stopped using it to be honest!

Does anyone have any other uses for this as I'd really like to get even more use out of it?

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  1. Baby lotion is great, I've never tried it as a cleanser though so will have to give it a go :) x