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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Weekly Food Update.

Foodie Post Alert!

Been trying not to snack as much recently and having a big breakfast. My fave breakfast is granola with fresh strawberries; it fills me up until lunch! I've been running with my friend Mia down the park in the mornings - I swear we talk more than run but it's good to get some fresh air anyways!

Coffee cooler at Heathrow airport! My sister finally came home on Sunday night so we have spent a lot of time since then - I had to update her on all the storylines in the soaps & we spent today shopping around town!

Oh and she got me these - my fave sweets!

Monday was spent in the uni library with no food as Greggs the holy grail of campus was closed! I was there 9-5 and me and my friends finished our final ever group project & we feel it is A grade material ;)

 Do you think the pic above looks like the picture below it? No? Me neither! We were very disappointed!

I'm going to be doing a jewellery haul and a Primark haul this week so keep your eyes peeled! Oh and a review of a couple of beauty products as well!

Hope you are all well!


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