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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Clothing Haul 003.

Here's the bits and bobs that I've purchased this week!

Matalan - £6 

I got these as they are a bargain for £6 - They are way too big as they didn't have my size but I think a belt will help shape them up a bit!

New Look - £14.99

This skirt is actually a lot brighter than in the picture and being 5"10 I will never get a skirt that's too long but it shall do for when the sun comes out!

Primark - £6

Primark had so many patterns but I was drawn to these cute spotty sandals!

Primark - £2.50

Primark - £7

This top is actually more green than in the picture. It has a zip on the back and a nice silvery foil/sheen effect on the front!

Primark - £3 each

I got some jewellery to go with my dress for my graduation ball. I may not wear these but at £3 I will still get some use out of these!

Primark - £10

Very TGI Fridays 

New Look - £5.99 £2!

I'm loving collar necklaces right now and found this gem in the sale!

Primark - £6

This is to go with the skirt below - I wanted a cute spring outfit!

New Look - £14.99

Love how cute this skirt is!

So yes I got quite a few things but I think they are things I can mix and match in order to make loads of new outfits! I'm also really pleased that my outfit for my graduation ball has only cost me £50 altogether when so many people are spending £100+ on just their dresses! All I need now is a bag!

Tried my contact lenses at the opticians for the first time. Wearing eye make up was a big mistake. Oops. 

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