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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Forever 21

Tomorrow I'm off to Birmingham for a spot of retail therapy. I'm broke but I have an overdraft....for now. I think Brimingham's Bull Ring is a great day of shopping. It's like London but it costs less to get there & it's not as busy as Oxford Street. It has all the essentials; a rather large Topshop and Primark, Selfridges for the food court & high end browsing, MAC because well...we all need one AND Forever 21!

Now Forever 21 only have two stores in the UK, Birmingham and late last year Oxford Street in London. It is three floors of browsing heaven! I think it can be a bit hit or miss but there is always something you will love in store. Prices aren't bad at all either! Yes, some things are normal priced but every now and again you will find something and be amazed at how cheap it is! Cute summer dresses go for around £15, Shorts for about £12-£18 and tops vary depending on material.

And the jewellery part of the store? OH EM GEE! It is my version of heaven. I pick up a little basket and spend easily an hour choosing little trinkets for my outfits!

Here's a pick of my favourite things that I will be searching for tomorrow!

forever 21

I would really recommend going to Forever 21 if you are off on holiday or to a festival this year. End of the day, the clothes are decent prices & if something does happen to them (or you buy new clothes on holiday) you can part with knowing you didn't spend £36 on a top - I'm looking at you Topshop.

Hope you are all having nice weekend!

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  1. Wow, three floors of Forever21? We have a bunch of their stores in the US, but they're tiny compared to yours!!! I hope your therapy went good, Tanice;-)))