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Friday, 7 June 2013

Graduate Fashion Week

So one of my best friends got the chance to showcase her amazing work on the catwalk at Earls Court on Tuesday for Graduate Fashion Week. I was in bed at home with an awful cold! Luckily my friends and her family kept me up to date with every second as it happened so I did not miss a thing while I was in my dressing cold clutching a green tea.

Mia has just finished her three years at the University of Northampton and has done a BA Hons Fashion but specialising in Textile Design. 

Now if you know Mia as well as I do, the colours she chose for her collection are quite surprising. She is a total pastel colour fiend when it comes to her own clothes and I always wear mega bright clothes so when she suggested royal blues and hot pinks I knew it would be right up my street.

Photo Taken from Huffington Post

Now I am no fashion expert because I have not done a fashion degree like a lot of my friends but I would say Mia's stand out pieces are her clear plastic coats with colourful vinyl patterns on them. I love a good Mac! My favourite pieces are the silk screen printed scarves though, I asked for one as a present. She then proceeded to tell me how much silk costs per square metre so doubt I'll be getting one until she's famous. 

What do you think of her collection? Pretty cool huh?

Courtesy of Mia Felce's Instagram!

One of Mia's friends, Kiran managed to scoop the Zandra Rhodes Textile Award so I thought I would big her up also! It's ever so cool knowing people who have done so well!

Photo Taken from Huffington Post

 All these bright prints make me feel so happy and summery and I need the shoes her models are wearing in my life!

I realise this post is a bit different from me but I just wanted to share some amazing talent with you! I hope know you will agree with me when I say they will both go far.

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