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Sunday, 2 March 2014

My week off work.

Playing around with my camera settings. Let's all have a big old laugh at my face.

1. The spending ban has well and truly failed me in my week off work so we are going to skip the last 2 weeks. I've just finessed watching Gossip Girl the whole way through for like the fourth time (It's my favourite TV show ever) and am now channelling my fashion idol Miss Blair Waldorf which meant I needed a few new clothes & shoes.

2. I've spent my week off seeing friends, cooing over baby Noah and catching up on some much needed sleep. Although I didn't go away I do feel like I've had a nice break but I definitely need some sunshine in my life.

3. I spent Saturday in London. Keira & I arrived bright and early to go to The Breakfast Club in Soho but my God the queue was stupid and we ended up around the corner at a lovely place and we enjoyed our pancakes with bacon. We then met our cousin Alisha and my Aunty Sue for a light lunch, serious shopping & a refreshing Starbucks. It was lovely to spend the day with my family especially as my parents have been away on a cruise all week (the lucky ducks).

4. I've followed a lots of fashion blogs this week for some outfit inspiration. It's amazing what how a few photos of beautiful styling can make you revamp the wardrobe you already have. Some of my new favourite finds are:

I'd love to find some more so if you have any suggestion please comment below. I have loads of products to review at the moment so definitely need to get swatching! 

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