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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

I think Rimmel have answered my primer related prayers. I have been waiting for a primer which isn't silicon based that actually works for what has seemed like  forever. I picked Rimmel's Stay Matte Primer up on a whim in the Boots 3 for 2 offer and was surprised to see it's only £5.99 for 30ml. 

I have only ever tried this under make up and really wanted to test it out before I wrote about it. A few weeks later I am totally sold. It helps my make up cling onto my skin for so much longer than usual and creates a flawless finish to my foundation. The best thing is the product (which is white but blends effortlessly into my skin) doesn't feel like anything more than a very light moisturiser. The main reason I hate other silicon based primers is they feel to heavy and too slippy on my skin and I feel as if I have an extra layer of product on.

I think the real testament to this is when someone complimented my make up for other day at around 5pm - a time when normally my make up starts to pretty rubbish. It definitely has a matte finish but as I wear a dewy finish foundation it adapts to this and just makes you look healthy and radiant. 

With primers it's hard to show you what it looks like and the everyday day effect is has; I look exactly the same with it on but I look better for longer. I would thoroughly recommend this if you are still looking for a primer and as I already said at £5.99 I'm super glad I picked it up and will definitely repurchase.

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