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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Beauty: NARS Sheer Glow

NARS Sheer Glow is something I've wanted to try forever as it's reviews seemed to tick all my foundation need boxes. I'd seen the likes of Tanya Burr use it in many tutorials and then my friend bought it and looked amazing. When work gave me some vouchers I sped down to Milton Keynes to House of Fraser (my nearest NARS counter).

I got myself matched to this as when you are parting with over £30.00 you can't afford to have a too light foundation (or dark for that matter). I'm currently shade Medium4 or Barcelona which is perfect for this time of year but after a couple of days in sunshine I may need it a tad darker.

This foundation knocks my socks off. I always thought other foundations made my skin look alright but when I wear this I honestly feel like my skin looks AH-mazing. This is a light to medium coverage which is my favourite. I use one layer for an everyday look but on bad skin days or a night out it's completely build able to something a bit fuller. The finish is a dewy glowy (well duh. it's in the name) look which isn't overly shiny. Sometimes I find with these healthy glow finishes they are a bit too much and you have to add powder which ruins the effect you were going for; my MAC MSF has sat quietly untouched since I bought this.

Something that slightly miffed me is that a high end foundation like this doesn't come with a pump (cheers to the girl who gave me mine for free as I got a few over things)! A foundation like this is more of an investment...I don't think I could go back to anything else now which sucks because this is 3 times more expensive then my beloved Bourjois, so why the hell are NARS trying to squeeze more money out of us. Because they know they can god dammit. Those clever ducks.

My make up collection feels like it's very nearly perfected.

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