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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Lifestyle: Life without a phone.

My name's Tanice and I'm a social media addict. 

But this weekend something big happened. I drove my usually 50 minutes home from work sat down on the sofa and reached into my handbag to check my phone to find it wasn't there. After ringing work from my house phone I found I had left it on my desk. I deliberated going back to get it for a little while and then thought screw it I can go without it. And thus begun my 3 day weekend without my phone (Yes I had Monday off too which is why I really really thought hard about going to get it).

I've had a super busy weekend with friends and survived. I went to a see the Northampton Saints play rugby, a night out in town, bit of shopping and 2 meals out and I didn't need my phone for any of it. I didn't snapchat my drunk friend's dancing or take any selfies and I didn't check my Facebook or twitter 15 times a day. 

The reactions I've been getting have been too funny. Everyone I've come across has said they would have driven the nearly 2 hour round trip to go and get it. It kinda shocked me that everyone would be that distraught at the thought of not having their phones. Obviously I think we need to have a phone on us for safety in case we get in trouble or something but the fact is none of what them to get in contact with each other; it's all so we can be online and share how awesome our lives are! I think that's what is so great about social media - we all celebrate each other's successes. That is after all why there is no dislike button on Facebook.

It's taken this happening for me to realise just how addicted we all are to our phones, myself included. I reach for it non stop and I've only just realised now how much I do this. When was the last time you sat and watched a TV show without checking your phone, laptop or iPad? Or do you ever get your phone out at the dinner table? Surely something life changing isn't going to happen online in the next 30 minutes and if it does then someone would actually ring you. 

This weekend has been like a little intervention for me and I'd love to try and get some people to try it and see how refreshing it is to just live in the moment. I read this quote over on Becky's blog over at Milk Bubble Tea and I think it sums up what I'm trying to say perfectly;

"Sometimes the best moments are the ones that never make it to instagram because you're too busy enjoying them"

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