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Friday, 3 October 2014

Lifestyle: Five Things I Loved in September.

1. Tartan.

I love a bit of tartan in the Autumn. So much so a few of my friends give me a gentle teasing now and again. Heck, even my nails are tartan.

2. Mojitos.

I tried a mojito years ago and it wasn't good so I just never went near them again. On holiday I needed a refreshing cocktail so tried another and I am now OBSESSED. Shame I have to stick to malibu or vodka to keep the syns down on Slimming World. There's always next summer.

3. Hannah Gale's Blog. 

She's a journalist for Metro and her posts just slay me. Always a great read and she has inspired this post. Find her here.

4. Planning Trips.

I am off to Dublin for my birthday at the start of November and have time off work over Christmas so Mia & I are going to jet off somewhere. We aren't sure where yet but it's exciting not knowing and dreaming of where we could go!

5. The Mindy Project.

I never watched it before now but I find it absolutely HILARIOUS. It's my go to Tuesday night programme on E4.

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