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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Tips to Deal with Christmas Body Blues

After over indulging throughout Christmas I was sure I had put on at least 3 pounds as I basically ignored my Slimming World lifestyle for 2 weeks. I went to my group the other night and found out I have maintained my weight throughout the festive season; something I am extremely happy about! However I know I still went too far due to a few signs which I can't hide from. I'm not going to tell you to join Slimming World or a gym because I did neither at Christmas time and I think personally joining in January never works. These are just a few little things I have done over the last week to help get my mojo back.

My Skin

It's the worst it has been in nearly a year. As you probably know I'm lactose intolerant and know my limits as to what I can and can't eat. A bit of cheese? Yes. Strawberries drenched with even a smudge of double cream? Hell No. Well Christmas consisted of lots of chocolates, cheese and even a mince pie with that blasted cream. As well as other symptoms which actually make me ill my face shows every bite I enjoyed for that short amount of time. 

Solution? Of course cutting out dairy will help this within a couple of weeks but to help speed up the process I have been using my Origins Super Spot Remover and loading on my Alpha H Liquid Gold a bit more regularly. 


Ew I know but although I didn't put on any weight I feel like I did and my tummy felt ever so horrible. I enjoy going out and I think in 11 days off work I went out drinking 7 days of them. My stomach is my problem area and the bit I want to work on the most this year.

Solution? Firstly I am cutting out alcohol for 2 weeks (I would do Dry January but I am going to Leeds and have my work Christmas party). I am also making a conscious effort to drink more water and less fizzy drinks. I think just not eating crap will also help.

Feeling Blue

Two weeks off work is amazing and I packed in lots of fun nights with my friends, time with my family and a holiday. Going back to work can just make you feel a bit down. 

Solution? Get organised. I had a huge clear out of my room as well as getting rid of unwanted items to give to those less fortunate. I also have my new diary which is my saviour for writing my to do lists for work everyday and writing my syns down to keep on track with my treats! I find also organising fun things to do throughout the year in January can help give you something to look forward to. I've already booked of time from work to go to 2 festivals, an Ed Sheeran concert and weekends away with my friends!

Looking at Past Goals

I realise we don't all make resolutions however I do and try to stick to them. Of course it doesn't always work out for me! 

Solution? Look at ways you can alter your goals into manageable pieces. Want to save £5000? Try and save £500 at a time and use these as mini goals. The same can go for weight loss. I think breaking things down can help you realise your goals more easily. I also think that dwelling on not achieving your goals in a certain time frame 

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