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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Happy Hump Day No. 02

Happy Hump Day people! I do hope you're week is going well? Here's a few thing's I've been up to and enjoying this past week.

Last Thursday Dad took me to see Omid Djalili (he's that Iranian comedian) and took me to one of my favourite little restaurants in Northampton called The Seafood Cafe. It's not somewhere you would go for a group dinner with friends but the do the best fish supper in town!

As you may have seen on my twitter Saturday I went away for the ultimate sleepover. A top notch three course dinner (see above), wine & chocolates in the room and then watching The Fault in Our Stars in bed with one of my best friends. Sometimes working for a hotel chain does have very good benefits!

Talking of The Fault in our Stars, what a film! I loved the book but the film surpassed the book for me and I have never said that about any film. The cast were just incredible and the story was told beautifully. It will make you cry but it's honestly placed into one of my top 5 films ever (I rented it and watched it 3 days in a row). I must buy the DVD asap.

It's Valentine's Day this weekend and I'm going out with the girls to celebrate my friend's Birthday with skittle vodka's and a good catch up - they are my loves so no one I'd rather spend it with.

Next week marks one of my favourite evenings of the year - PANCAKE DAY. I love it and we do it right in my house. I'm the official pancake tosser in our household so will have a busy night ahead of me as we can easily put away 20 of them in a night. We don't have dinner either to make sure there's lot of room. Screw Slimming World on that night!

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