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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Today is the first day I've really started to feel Christmassy. All of my family are coming up on Boxing Day & my Sister has to work Christmas Day so I was feeling a bit down as I have noone to play with. I may be 22 but board games are a huge part of the day for our family!
I decided to go and tackle a huge chunk of Christmas shopping as today is my only day off work all week! I had a bit of a headache but coffee helped.

I opted the standard gingerbread latte first but was naughty and also got a Creme Brulee one to have at home whilst I was wrapping! Creme Brulee is my favourite dessert in the word and I loved this so much!

I am the worlds worst wrapper; everyone knows the present is from me because it's the one that is half wrapped with a whole roll of cellotape all around it & a square package ends up looking like a get the idea. I told everyone I was going to make my presents look amazing this year and picked up this fairisle print paper, ribbon & tags from The Card Factory and spent over an hour wrapping 7 presents. I am very pleased with how festive it looks.

The tree is all up and decorated! We went for the same as last year, a little circus theme with lots of magenta and turquoise (the same colours as my bedroom and my fave)!

I popped into a vintage shop in Northampton & picked up a few (cough £100 worth of bits). I am disgusted with myself. We have a charity Xmas jumper day  at work & I got this large mens jumper which is so festive and warm it's unreal. I will keep this for years so it's a good investment!

 I picked up my Christmas cards! I always get Charity cards as it's a simple way to give a little something back. These are from Tesco & have little puns on them such as "Christmas Fishes"! Tesco are donated £250,000 made from their cards to Cancer Research UK and they have loads of different selections to choose from.
That's my happy little day done and I am offically cream crackered so hot chocolate in my new jumper is on the cards!

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