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Monday, 3 December 2012

The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil

I've never used an oil on my skin before (perhaps the odd bit of baby oil to remove stubborn mascara) but never as a step in my skincare routine. As you know I have been suffering with terrible breakouts and it really can knock your confidence especially when I am usually lucky and have good skin!
I've seen Anna rave about using facial oils, in particular the Clarins Lotus Face Oil but at £30 a pop and not knowing whether it would anger or help my skin I sought a cheaper option.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil - £11

I went in to buy some presents and there was an offer on which meant I got 30% off and a £5 voucher because it was my birthday in November meaning that I managed to snag this for £1. Ooooooh yeah.
You get 15ml of product in the vile which comes with a little pipette dropper which I love reminds me of my good old chemistry and biology A Level classes! Sad but true. 15ml isn't a lot of product but you only need 3 drops for the whole of your face so I think this would last you a good 2 months.
This oil is for dry skin which I only have in certain places but I still apply this all over my face. I've been using this for about 2 weeks now and really love the extra step in my routine, my skin feels a lot more mositurised, plumper and just more nourished really.
Now The Body Shop say this product is a pre-moisturiser to use in the morning but I tend to put this on, let it sink for a good minute and then apply moisturiser just before bed. Although my skin doesn't feel greasy I still feel like I have product on my face in the morning so just cleanse. I have tried the oil in the morning but felt by the afternoon my face was a little shinier than usual, I think the mixture of oil, moisturiser, foundation etc just is a bit too much for your skin to cope with.
I think I may have to indulge myself and buy the Clarins one but this is a pretty good high street find!

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