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Saturday, 4 May 2013

My Picks 003.

Film: Iron Man 3

My favourite films are all the Marvel films but Iron Man is perhaps my all time fave superhero. Robert Downey Jnr is perhaps perfect as I love sarcasm, cockiness and brains. Some people were sceptical of Marvel bringing out a third instalment but I have no idea why. It was so much better than the second one! It was a lot more funny but also had some really good action bits too. I freakin' loved it and will probably go see it again at the cinema next week. I highly recommend if you are fan of comic hero films like me!

Story: Keira Knightley's Wedding

I read about this on the Daily Mail Online earlier today and thought it was such a breath of fresh air. Being an event coordinator and earning my living based on weddings, I've already seen my fair share of weird & wonderful ones in my short career and as much as I love a big wedding, I feel the wedding is the main focus for many brides; not the marriage. Her wedding ceremony was 11 people in the city hall in a small French town where they drove away in a Clio. She wore a simple Chanel dress with sunglasses and ballet pumps. How cute, right? I just think it's beautiful to see two people in love celebrate it in such a low key yet still romantic way. Read the article here.

Music: AlunaGeorge

Loving this duo right now and just cannot get enough of Aluna's childlike voice. All of their songs are such an easy listen and I blast this on my commute to work on the way home! 

Check out their latest song here!

Makeup Want: Mac's RiRi Woo

I love when MAC collaborates with celebrities and I really wanted the Rihanna version of MAC's Ruby Woo. I have put off investing in a MAC red colour and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to indulge. But alas, they sold out super quick so I have signed up to be notified when more are in stock. I keep checking my inbox frantically. Festival ready, bright lips be mine...

My Bank Holiday weekend has so far involved cooking a beautiful stir fry with my friends, eating way too much Ben & Jerrys, making american style pancakes for breakfast. I met up with two friends for a iced latté and we checked out Blacks mid-season sale to see if we could find tents for V Festival. And we did and both were half off! Score. Sunday is going to spent at my Grandparents in their garden eating, playing with cats and drinking lots of tea in the sunshine. Monday is BBQ and lots of cider time!! Enjoy your Bank Holiday whatever you do. And fingers crossed for sun, I really need a tan in my life. 

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