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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

After reading Lily's post on this perfume I was half sold and when I sniffed it in House of Fraser last I was completely sold. I decided to wait until my holiday to buy it in duty free but my lovely Mum surprised me with a bottle of it when she went on a work trip to Germany. I was a very happy girly.

I love the box the bottle comes in as it's bright, colourful but I'm not to keen on the label, I don't think the brown goes but I understand why it is there. The bottle is fine, it's nothing special and for a high end brand I thought it be a tad more luxurious. 

The top notes in this perfume are citrus scents such as blood orange and sicilian citron along with bergamot and lemon tree leaves. When you smell this perfume you smell a sweet, coconut smell which just has holiday written all over it. It honestly makes me feel like I'm sitting in the Caribbean with a piƱa colada.

The perfume is released every year around May and small changes are made with each edition, therefore if you want it to last you all year; get two bottles. I personally feel this fragrance is totally for summer and isn't one of the perfumes you can transfer into winter time. Which means I plan on using every drop before October is out.

This perfume is available in most fragrance retailers and only comes in an 100ml size (no complaints here) for £45. 

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