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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself

I got this for free when stocking up on Soap & Glory bits and as I never doubt the brilliance of S&G products I was excited. Butter Yourself is a body cream containing five fruits and AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which claim to be exfoliating on the skin and aim to improve the skin's texture. 

The scent of this is the same as Pulp Fiction, a fruity foamy scrub which I really like but the one thing I don't like about Butter Yourself is the texture. When you apply this it feels like a balm and I'm not a fan at all, it doesn't feel thick and like it's doing a lot when you rub it in. Saying that after you leave it to sink in it does feel like your moisturised and very, very soft. So points for that! I can't say I notice that my skin has been exfoliated but the texture does feel a lot smoother but only for a little while so I don't think the AHA's are such a brilliant thing. 

So meh. Probably the least favourite product I've tried from S&G and I would say I'm disappointed but I'm sure some people love it and I always have my Righteous Butter in my life to save my dry skin.

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