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Sunday, 4 August 2013

KIKO Sunproof Powder Foundation

When it's hot and I have liquid foundation on, my face melts. It's not pretty. Luckily the sun clears my face right up for me so I need minimal makeup but being a girl (and a beauty blogger) I have to have something. Enter KIKO's Sunproof Powder Foundation.

Available in Light, Medium and Dark shades (I got the dark) there is something for most skin types. I would describe the formula as a denser version of a MAC MSF and gives a fuller coverage. When applied dry with a brush it blends beautifully to a natural finish but when you apply with a damp sponge it gives a matte affect. 

Being a product you are meant to wear in the sun you wouldn't expect anything less than SPF 15 protection and it also claims to be water resistant but as I don't have the chance to test this out on the beach anytime soon (sob) I can't state if this is true or not. 

The product comes with a sponge for application but I always hate using them for make us a look like a blotchy mess. My Real Techniques Powder Brush is the choice for this one. 

This is a great powder and perfect for if you are feeling lazy! I picked this up half price and there are still some light coloured ones left on the website so if you are fair head onto KIKO.

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