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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Practicing our Festival Technique...

I have to confess something I've only ever slept in a tent once, but sleeping wouldn't be the right word. We were young, it was pouring with rain and we were drinking absinthe...I think you get the picture. Me being me there's nothing like diving in at the deep end and I have committed to 3 nights camping at V Festival in two weeks. I am freakin' scared of hope I am going to cope!

Luckily my friend Sophie is in the same boat as me - an avid beauty and skincare fan and just as scared excited of the experience we are about to jump into! Some of us that are going decided to do a little test run of putting up one of the tents we bought. Now in my tent there's 6 girls so we need an extra big one (so big it barely fitted in the back garden) for all our bits.

The boys fired up the BBQ and left us to it. We had it up in less than 45 minutes which I thought was a good time although I have nothing to compare it too.

We had some food, some wine and a late night poker competition which I won! I've been feeling really poorly lately but just getting some fresh air and having something else to take my mind off of it really helped! That and the company of my brilliant friends!

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