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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

V Festival 2013

Ahh, V Festival. I was so worried I wouldn't survive the experience as I am not the camping type. Four days without hair straighteners, showers and a total lack of privacy I thought would equal a grumpy Tanice. I loved every moment of it. I honestly felt I thrived living in a tent and trekking to the toilet and all the other less glamourous things. 

I decided not to bring my blogging camera or even my phone as I wanted to have a good carefree time so my good old digital camera was used to take endless amount of selfies and funny poses which I want to share with you.

Waking up stupidly early to get there!
Waiting for Beyoncé.

Rocking out to Basement Jaxx!

I had so much strongbow I will be happy if I never touch it again!

Basil our mascot for the weekend!

6 Girls in 1 Tent = carnage. 
The camping was my Pre V concern but it shouldn't have been. The toilets were tolerable (and a lot better than some other festivals I have been told), there was lots of food available and everyone was in good spirits. 

We forgot to bring a knife so resorted to biting our friends birthday cake!

Waiting for Olly Murs!

The main reason we were there was for the drinking  music. We saw so many super amazing acts! Beyonce of course was unbelievable and I have never danced or sang so hard in all my life. The atmosphere at Rudimental was ridiculous and The Script never fail to disappoint me live. A few others I loved were Jessie Ware as I have always loved her music, Rita Ora's voice was incredible and Calvin Harris' set was like the largest outdoor nightclub I've ever been to! I was gutted to only catch half of Basement Jaxx, one of my all time favourite bands but I am planning on seeing them later in the year! 


The crowd for Rudimental was insane!

Way to drunk during Calvin Harris to take a decent picture!


Special mention to the boys who survived the weekend with us girls!

And the best girls ever!

 It was honestly the best weekend of my entire life. I keep smiling just thinking about it. The friends I went with are just incredible and so so special to me. That cheesy grin from me in the last picture just about sums it all up. I know it's really cheesy but these people have made the last year without a doubt the best in my life so far and I feel incredibly lucky to be their friend.

Bring on V Festival 2014!

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