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Saturday, 21 September 2013

My new winter bag(s).

I love bags. I wish I could afford a Mulberry, Prada or even a Celine but I would rather change up my bag each season and have a new friend for all the others in my wardrobe. Zara was top of my list for handbags this Autumn but as I wandered past Miss Selfridge my eyes were drawn to these two beauties. 

I like how the bag is quite slouchy but still has a bit of structure and I love bags with a long strap as i hate holding my bag all day. The gold detailing is really nice and the tassels are my favourite bit!

Now before you judge me for buying two bags let me defend myself. There was also a brown one so narrowing it down to two was hard enough. The bags were both reduced from £42 to £32 each. Bargain right? Well when I got to the till she told me all sale items were buy one get one free. Say whaaaaaat?

So I got £84 worth of bags for £32. Happy days.

I think I'll get the most wear with the black one but as I wear lots of black in the Winter the berry one will add some colour to the outfit - plus we all know how much I'm loving berry this year. 

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