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Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Fitness Post #2

Since about V Festival I've really been lazy. I haven't done much exercise and have been having a bit more fast food than I would usually allow myself. With about 5 weeks until my birthday I thought it would be the perfect excuse to get my act into gear.

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A few achievements I made this week 

- I went to my first ever abs class. I now feel like someone has taken a bat to my tummy. It is agony. I felt like a totally beginner in that class and definitely couldn't keep up with the rest of the group. My abs are non existent and I have no core strength and it's thing I really need to improve. Feeling like a total fool for half hour is better than not going at all and I think I will give it another crack soon although I much prefer Body Pump.

- I went to Pub Wednesday and usually I would grab a big calorific bottle of Red Bulmers but I stuck to a diet Coke.

-I had an all day marketing meeting this week which means they feed us lots of goodies (the bonus of working for a hotel chain means good restaurants)! Rather than fish and chips or some buttery chicken I went for a big helping of salad and a bit of smoked salmon. Then there was a tower of profiteroles. Taking some melon instead of a profiterole the size of my fist was one of my proudest moments this week.

- Saying no to Danish pastries and pain au chocolat in the office and having a plum instead. Small step but at 390 calories for one I know it was the right decision. 

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