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Sunday, 21 April 2013

10 Things that have made me happy this week.

01. Remembering how stressed I was with Uni this time last year and know how great it was when I handed my dissertation literally a year ago! (The above pic was taken on the evening of our Graduation Ball where we were drinking champagne from 3pm!)

02. Watching Castaway with my Dad & Sister. "WILSON!" Mum went for a work meal and it's rare for the 3 of us to spend time without her there. Also my sister dislocated her knee this week so can't go anywhere so we actually get to see her as she is always out!

03. My beautiful tunic from H&M. Although not the most summery of colours it's so lovely on and looks so much more expensive than it was. (£14.99 if you care!)

04. My friend bought this clock. It was £20 because of a fault. A fault that 3 of us didn't notice until she sent me this picture and asked me. Go on I bet you can't tell which vital part of the clock is missing??

05. Going to the market with Mum and getting loads of fruit and salad! It's so much cheaper than the supermarket!

06. Summer dresses. And pastel colours. 2 things that make Spring, more Springy.

07. Going to the gym on a Sunday morning instead of having a lie in. It made me feel like I was making progress in this whole healthy lifestyle. It took a lot of motivation though...

07. Looking at old holiday photos and how awful we all looked :)

09. The sun finally being out and drinking at 5pm whilst having a massive BBQ round a friends house. Perfect evening with lots of laughs.

10. My bedroom for the next two nights. I have work training in a different place and get this nice plus bed to myself. Currently writing this post in the bed, cup of tea in hand, way too many sweets next to me and Bride Wars about to start.  

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