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Monday, 29 April 2013

H&M (and some Primark shoes)





Primark 8.00

H&M is most definitely my favourite shop for summer especially for dresses. I think they do really reasonably priced little summer flippy dresses in nice colours and prints and I always get a couple every year. With my trip to Italy booked and all my festival tickets purchased I decided I could finally inject some summer in my wardrobe.

My favourite piece is by far the neon shrug which is super bright and makes me looks super duper tanned! It goes with the monchrome dresses I got and it will keep the sun of my shoulders on holiday without making me hot (Apparently Rome can be like 35 degrees in July)!

The shoes were an impulse purchase as I'm really enjoying flats on nights out right now and these look really nice with disco pants and a cream peplum top!

I'm going to set myself a little challenge of not buying any clothes until June now as I am determined to drop a little more weight and hopefully another dress size. Steak and chips for dinner tonight was not a good start. I think I will be doing a wishlist every week in May so I can share the pretty things I want to buy after my little ban!

What's your favourite shop for Summer?

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