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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Photo Diary 04.

First day of filming our new project / Leaving meal from my old job / Sweating it out / Pretending to be posh before a night out / Friends visiting & bringing me things I left behind / Wagamama's / Fun nails / Green smoothie for breakfast / Loving the Beyoncé documentary

I've been off for the last 9 days as I am switching over jobs which I start today! I'm really nervous but excited too; luckily I'm a chatty, quite confident person so I'm sure I will make new friends quickly. I've spent the past week meeting friends that are back from Uni, eating out way to much and just having a good old time. I count myself quite lucky that each day I got to see different people and not once have I sat in the house bored all day. I remember feeling quite lonely this time last year as I was having trouble at home, struggling with my dissertation and with my relationship. A year on and I am perfectly happy (minus the wisdom tooth extraction which is trying to heal but aching the hell out of me). My number one thing that makes me happy is my friends and I really am lucky to have a whole heap I can rely on!

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