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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas 2013

The annual festive socks!

Mum opening a present from me & my sister.

Dad making me take photo evidence that these are his socks and I can't steal them!

Breakfast of Salmon, eggs & toast. With snowballs naturally.

Lots and lots of bubbly!

Drool here.

Watching the soaps in my Eeyore onesie with a baileys 

Epic Monopoly Game that went on for over 2 hours! I lost.

New Gingerbread PJ's & Baileys Hot Chocolate before bed.

Here's a few pictures of how I spent my Christmas Day. It mainly consisted of eating, drinking, laughing and being lazy. I woke up at 7am being the big kid I am & at half 8 had enough and tried to get the rest of them up. My Nan stayed the night before so we opened our stockings & presents downstairs before getting dressed and waiting for our other grandparents to come over.

Once they arrived there were more presents and laughs before we sat down to lunch. Which was a beaut. After settling down around 5pm to watch some good old Christmas TV we played a few games of cranium. The grandparents went to bed/home and Mum, Dad, Keira, her Boyfriend Phil and I all sat and played a rather competitive game of Monopoly. At 1am I retired to my room with a baileys hot chocolate and tried to watch a programme. I must have been asleep 5 minutes into whatever I put on because Mum turned my TV, lamp and blew out my candle for me.

I got so many lovely presents from my friends and family and loved seeing the faces on my family. I don't go back to work until the 2nd and have more family arriving this Sunday to stay for a few days which means lots of games and maybe a few more presents! I like breaking up the holidays because it gives me more to look forward too!

I think I am going to do a "What I got for Christmas" type post tomorrow but I may just pick a couple of my favourite things. There won't be any evidence of any food pressies as I spent Boxing Day eating so much crap out of my stocking!

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