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Monday, 2 December 2013

Sleek i-Divine Storm Pal

I'm really starting to get into the world of eyeshadow lately and have heard that Sleek is the place to go if you want an affordable palette with beautiful colours. After looking at the numerous ones on offer I opted for the Storm Palette. 

The 12 pan palette has a mixture of neutrals and colourful shades and 3 matte shades which will act as perfect bases for the 9 shimmers included. There aren't any names for the colour included in the palette but I never think they are really needed anyways. I was immediately attracted to some of the brighter colours as  I really want to try and experiment with some colour. 

The pigmentation of these are ridiculous! Better than my Naked Palette by far! Bearing that in mind you need to use this lightly to avoid looking like you have punched yourself. Also there is quite a bit of fallout with the shimmers so I would use some tissue underneath or do your base afterwards. 

Colour wise I really enjoy having a matte black in my collection as it can be used to smoke up any look. I love the two blues as they make my eyes look really brown and the two pinky tones are also really beautiful. I can honestly see myself using all the colours at some point so I think for £7.99 this is a brilliant investment.

I definitely need to have good play around with this palette. Does anyone recommend any good fluffy blending brushes? It's the one thing I'm missing for a perfect eye look!

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