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Friday, 27 December 2013

What I got for Christmas 2013.

 I love reading everyone's Christmas present posts as I am super nosy and thought if you are nosy to then you will enjoy this post. Every year my family and friends are super generous and if any of you read this - thank you for my lovely gifts & I love you lots!

These are the bits I got in my stocking. Every year my Dad says we are too old for one but Mum always sneakily does us one anyways! It's a tradition to always have toiletry bits and chocolate coins. We got a few pairs of funny socks too but I put them on straight away on Christmas morning! I got a few of my favourite sweets & a lovely OPI set. 

 I think everyone knows my obsession with candles and I got of my all time favourites - Salted Caramel. 

Mum & Dad treated me to one of my favourite perfumes Paco Rabanne's Lady Million as well as some Liz Earle goodies. Mum's a huge fan of No7 skincare and got me an eye cream to try out as I haven't used an eye cream before! I also got a gorgeous plum colour Essie nail polish which is already on my tootsies.

The standard stocking up on Soap & Glory products for the year. It's my favourite body care brand and I haven't found a product I don't like yet so it's always a winner to receive.

I'm a keen cook and baker so was lucky to get a couple of new cook books with some baking equipment to help. F.Y.I I have made the Salted Caramel cupcakes in the Hummingbird Bakery book and they are amazing.

One of my sister's presents to me was the beautiful diary from paper chase which will keep my blogging in check in 2014 hopefully. I also got the Great Gatsby which is my favourite film this year!

I sometimes have to travel quite far for work and I drive to visit friends a lot so this Sat Nav will come in super handy to save me getting stressed in busy cities!

Ahh….Pyjamas. I love getting pj's for Christmas and my Mum knows me super well to get me the gingerbread ones, they are so snug. Nan & Grandad got me the Eeyore onesie which we swiftly got into.

I was super lucky to get a bit of money to put towards a new camera for blogging; I just can't decide what to get at the best price as I am not that tech savvy.

The best part was definitely spending the whole day with my family which probably only happens once every few months due to our hectic schedules. I am super excited for Sunday when the rest of my family arrives and we have a second Christmas day!

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