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Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday the 13th.

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Today was one of those days where I felt incredibly overwhelmed at work. I love my job but in the lead up to Christmas my work load has increased dramatically and I have no idea how it's meant to be done by the end of next week. I've subtly tried to ask for help and it's not really worked all that much because everyone else is busy and I feel a bit helpless really. But I plod along like always. After an annoying comment from someone in a different department it was all I could do not scream "HELP ME" so I went to the bathroom to sit and breathe it out.

I cried most of the way home and straight to Mum (who ever so quickly grabbed me a glass of Prosecco). I explained everything had a good cry and felt better instantly (well, after the second glass).  As usual I put the blame on me; Am I not working quick enough and all that crap. But I know I do my damn best and that's all I can do. Heck, I'm planning on going in unpaid on Sunday just to have some quiet time in the office alone. Mum helped me just by listening and I think I may take her advice and talk to someone about my workload as it's becoming too much.

I guess the point is if you normally love your job yet you are crying at home over it; you need to sort it out and stop being such a wimp like me. Or the real point is - don't keep things bottled up otherwise you might just crack. A good cry is sometimes all the therapy you need.