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Sunday, 19 January 2014

100 Day Spending Ban

So after treating myself in the January sales (see yesterday's post) and after deciding my resolutions (see Saturday's post) I realised I need to be stricter with my spending in order to save. I saw a lot of bloggers write about the 100 day spending ban let year and I thought I should give it a go. Lord knows this will be a challenge and a half for me who is a self diagnosed shopaholic but I think sharing this goal, my saving triumphs and my spending downfalls with all of you, I will have the motivation (and hopefully support) to keep this going. 

I have started the ban today and will carry it on until 16th April. 

I think Mum was hinting at me to save when she put this in my stocking!

My Spending Rules

- No make up, skincare or body or hair care products unless I completely run out of something
- Avoid buying new clothes as much as possible
- Petrol doesn't count as I have to commute to work!
- Stop buying things I don't need e.g. candles, stationary, magazines
- I can only buy a maximum of 3 Starbucks/Costa's a month
- I can only eat in restaurants twice a month
- I can buy birthday presents and cards for other people
- I can have 2 haircuts if I need them (I'm really trying to look after my hair) but no colouring 
- I can pay for any flights or tickets for holidays/festivals later this year
- Save all receipts and pop an extra post up every Sunday to reflect on what I've spent and what I've saved

Pop back on Sunday to see how my first week goes. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck Tanice! I would definitely not be able to do this haha!

  2. You're cheating! I couldn't do it though hahaha! x