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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Spending Ban Week #2

£0 spent.

£0 spent.

£0 spent.

£3.15 Starbucks
£3.15 Baskin Robins (strawberry & mint choc chip)

I went to the cinema and brought a homemade salad with me into Starbucks so we wouldn't go out for dinner so saved myself the usually £15 I would have spent at Frankie and Bennys!

£5 - We had a couple of drinks at the hotel we had training in before dinner. 

I was in training all day so it was going well. Then I went to Bicester Outlet Village on my way home. Then I epically failed. Like big time. I think it's best I wait until tomorrow to show you exactly what I got because it's so beautiful it deserves it's own post but you get the gist from the above photo. So yeah £175.00 spent. 

I may go to the pub quiz later but will be sticking to water and cordial so will not spend more than £3.00.

£189.30 - yikes. Next week I vow to be better! Promise.

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  1. Haha FAAAIILLLL but I think it's allowed and I want to see it! Do you have Starbucks or dinner left for this week? haha x