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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Spending Ban Week #1

I just thought I would throw in some pictures of my grandparent's cats. Meet Fluffy, Maisie and Katy. Anyways let's look at how I did this week.

£0 spent.

£0 spent.

£0 spent.


£11 - Dinner at Harvester. The healthy eating is going well. Nawwwt.  

£8.96 - Supermarket - Baby shampoo and healthy snacks for lunches next week at work. 

£30 Car Tax.
£29.10 Prescription Pre-Payment Certificate


I've got the start of a cold coming so literally stayed in all weeknights to sleep to be honest. I spent Friday night catching up with friends over dinner and Saturday redesigning my blog with Mia so I haven't really needed to spend money on things I don't need. I got my affairs in order by paying my car tax and a 3 month prescription payment as I have been quite poorly lately and trying to different to help me out! So all grown up & necessary things purchased really. I'm pretty proud of week one!

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