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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Friends with Benefits.

I love my friends. I especially love it when they spoil me with a huge sack of presents from America. Mia over at Pretty Eclectic is one of most best friends and went to Colorado over the festive season and came back with all this GOODNESS!  

Being the beauty junkie I am (and she knows this) she treated me to some products which we can't get over here! A Peppermint Kiss Kringle candle which smells so different than any candles I own but really refreshing; I'm going to save this one for next Xmas. A Bath and Body Works Cranberry Pear Bellini which I actually asked or as I love this scent so much! She also got us some anti-bac gel, a beautiful blue nail polish and 2 lip balms; a dos EOS apple balm which smells incredible and a Maybelline Baby Lips in a colour you get get in the UK just yet! Finally she got me a Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Spray - she knows my love for beaches and holidays and this smells like the caribbean in a bottle!

She also knows that I have a very big sweet tooth and a certain fondness for American candy! My favourite flavours are anything grape or watermelon as it's so hard to get in the UK. I got the usual Wonka Nerds and Mike & Ike's but also got saltwater taffy which I haven't had in about 6 years! This stash will certainly keep me going (and destroy any thoughts of dieting in January). 

This is not a bragging post (ok maybe it is because I have all this super new awesome stuff) but I'm so excited by it all. And I love my friend for treating me to it all so wanted so her how much I love it! Thank you Mia! Oh go over to her blog and look at all the over stuff she got in the States Disclaimer: She went a little crazy.  Here's the link

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