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Saturday, 4 January 2014

2014 New Year Resolutions

Before we look at this year let's see how I did with last year's resolutions? 

Be Happy. 
Of course not everyday went swimmingly but overall it was a good year. It wasn't super exciting all year but I worked my butt off & I feel I have started to really build a career; something that's very important in making me happy at the moment! 

Travel More. 
I went to Barcelona and Rome last year, two cities I've always wanted to visit so I would definitely say I accomplished this.

Unfortunately life got in the way, I got my first proper full time job and time just slips by. I would still love to try and get the time to do this.

Sleep More.
Having to get up early every week day I have definitely achieved this. I am in bed by 11pm with the lights off every week night to get a decent 8 hours a night. 

Get Dressed Up More.
I've definitely become more comfortable in myself throughout the last year and have loved experimenting with my make up and style. 

Save Money.
Can we skip this one? I have to commute an hour to work, I got a new car and decided to get a Macbook which all cost me money. I have finally paid off my student overdrafts and my finance plan for the laptop which is a big plus though. I put a big chunk of my December away so technically I have saved a little.

This year's resolutions are as follows:

Improve my mental wellbeing.
I've recently suffering from a severe bout of anxiety and panic attacks which is really scary for me. It's difficult because I'm trying to understand what my body is going through as I have no idea why I'm so worried. I'm getting the help I need but definitely want to start focusing on ways to relieve the stress and anxiety, yoga perhaps?

Read more books. 
I was a total book worm when I was a child & I can read about 5 books in a week on holiday. Why? Because I had free time. I want to read more classic books, the kind of books people have talked about for generations. I think reading really helps to get you to unwind before bed so I want to make the time to do this before bed a few nights a week.

Spend more time with my Sister.
We live together but we barely see each other due to work and our busy lives. We are both planning on doing things this year that may mean we move out (or in her case take her to Asia) so it would be nice to have nights out and dinners to spend quality time before we go our separate ways for a while.

Save Money.
This time I freakin' mean it. 

Blog at least three times a week. 
I go through phases of writing lots and writing nothing. I love my blog and having a hobby where I look back and look at the things I've done. I plan on doing a lot more lifestyle posts this year.

Go Running at Least Twice a Week.
Over the summer I was running nearly everyday. It's so therapeutic for me and I think exercise leads to a healthy mind as well as body so again will help with my mental wellbeing. I didn't want to put a weight loss resolution because I try to eat healthily as much as possible anyway, it's sticking to exercising in the colder months which is the struggle. I'm lucky to have a free gym at work so am planning on making the most of it with my work buddy.

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