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Saturday, 5 January 2013

101 Things in 1001 Days

I have decided 2013 is going to be my year. I have also decided to set myself lots of fun goals, some serious goals & some wishful goals in order to strive to have the best time ever. I know I won't accomplish all of these in one year so am going to jump on the 101 things in 1001 days. So starting this today will give me until October 4th 2015. Oh gawd I will be nearly 25. OH MY GAWD. Before I break down let's get on with my goals;
  1. Learn some Italian
  2. Run the Race for Life in under 45 minutes
  3. Go to a concert
  4. Continue blogging
  5. Get a new job
  6. Go to a festival
  7. Go to the ballet
  8. Read 5 classic books
  9. Throw a house party
  10. Go for a weekend away in Brighton
  11. Save £1000
  12. Open a savings account
  13. Lose 14 pounds
  14. Go to the Harry Potter studios
  15. Colour my hair lighter
  16. Buy some Kurt Geiger shoes
  17. Use up all my make up
  18. Go to Xscape and ski/snowboard
  19. Go away for my 23rd Birthday
  20. Visit Rome
  21. Host a dinner party
  22. Try sushi
  23. Do a car boot sale
  24. Go camping
  25. Go somewhere spontaneously on a whim
  26. Visit Amsterdam
  27. Lose 20 pounds
  28. Save £2000
  29. Send a friend some flowers when they feel upset
  30. Throw someone a surprise birthday treat
  31. Buy a designer piece
  32. Eat at Bodean's
  33. See another West End show
  34. Go to New York
  35. Be able to run 5k without stopping
  36. Cut out carbs for at least 1 week
  37. Fall in love
  38. Reach 400 posts on my blog
  39. Donate blood
  40. Take my Nan on a random day out
  41. Go to the Caribbean again
  42. Make posh macaroons
  43. Eat at Duck & Waffle
  44. Get drunk one afternoon with a friend for no reason other than to have a laugh
  45. Volunteer
  46. Cook a Christmas dinner again
  47. Get another tattoo
  48. Try a pole dancing class
  49. See a comedian live
  50. Lose 30 pounds
  51. Visit Camden market
  52. Go back to Paris
  53. Go to a Zumba class
  54. Try a green based smoothie
  55. Make a Christmas cake
  56. Move out of my parents house
  57. Go to a bloggers meet up
  58. Go to a vintage market
  59. Grow my hair to the length I want it
  60. Try some fruits I've never tried before
  61. Go a month without drinking
  62. Go a month without chocolate or sweets
  63. Pay off my Macbook
  64. Get a new car
  65. Do something so lovely it makes one of your friends cry (with happiness)
  66. Host a murder mystery party
  67. Stay in a cottage with my friends for a weekend
  68. Go for a lavish night out in London
  69. Get a party bus with friends to somewhere
  70. Get a facial
  71. Go to a spa
  72. Bake a pie from scratch
  73. Go to the Art galleries in London for a day
  74. Attend a blogging event
  75. Start a YouTube channel
  76. Hit 500 followers on my blog
  77. Go for a picnic
  78. Use up all my skincare
  79. Go on a shopping spree and spend £500 when I've reached my target weight
  80. See one of my best friends get engaged
  81. See one of best friends have a baby
  82. Be a bridesmaid
  83. Go Ice Skating at Rockerfeller Centre
  84. Make some photo albums
  85. Watch the sun rise on a beach
  86. Take at least 20 pictures of awe inspiring things and make into a frame
  87. Cook 20 meals from scratch
  88. Wear a bikini and not give a damn
  89. Go on a proper upside down roller coaster
  90. Have the most perfect killer dress for parties
  91. Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain
  92. Revise my French and get back to the level I was at (or better)
  93. Have a cocktail making night with the girls
  94. Buy a product from Nars / Chanel / Diptyque /Bobbi Brown
  95. Have just one moment where I think live can't get any better then this.
  96. Document all of the 101 things in photos and make a scrapbook
  97. Go to Barcelona
  98. Have a pet
  99. Write someone a hand written letter
  100. Throw a house warming party
  101. BE HAPPY
As you can see I'm not into buying lots of expensive things, I would rather live my life visiting cultural places and having fun with my friends and this is how I would like to continue living. I would love to get to a place where I am 100% happy with my body but I'm not really unhappy with how I look anyways. I basically just want to make memories for myself before I settle down and have a family so this is officially my Before Kids Bucket list. Of course there is so much more I want to do but if I could do all this things before I'm 25 I will be a very happy girl. 

All of these goals will be on a separate page along the header bar. When a goal has been completed I will colour in the writing so you can keep track of how I am doing!

I would love to encourage you all to do one of these as I found it very uplifting & inspiring to think of things I want to do! Please link me your lists if you do one!


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