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Monday, 14 January 2013

What's in my bag.

I haven't ever done one of these posts so thought I would share with you what's in my bag on a day to day basis!

The Bag

My bag is just a cheapy from Primark which cost me £12 but is very sturdy and I can fit in everything with room to spare. I always over heat or get really cold really easily depending on the weather so have enough room to throw a scarf or hat in. I always use this bag for work too as I can put my lunch and a magazine in to read on my break!

What's Inside?

Pistachios - I always keep a small bag of nuts in my bag just in case I get hungry/shaky and need a quick snack. A few of these and I feel better and ready to carry on.

Purse - My purse is from River Island and of course just carries my money and cards!

Vitamins - I have a stash at home but always forget to take them so keep some in bag just in case. I am trying to see if they make a difference to my health/energy levels over the next few months.

Phone - I have an iPhone 4S and my friend got me this lovely penguin case as I am the penguin lady.

Diary - I have a small pocket sized moleskine diary which I use to keep organised and track my spending!

Pen - Because we all need a pen.

Lip Balm - I use The Body Shop's Hemp Lip Balm religiously. I get the driest lips in the world and this is my life saver.

Love Hearts - Sometimes you need a small pop of sugar.

Perfume - I always keep a small bottle of perfume in my bag and right now it's Lady Gaga's Fame that is living in their.

Gloves - Got to keep my hand warm when browsing the high street.

Glasses - I need glasses for driving so they are always in my bag (note to self: get a glasses case)! My glasses are by Ralph Lauren and I treat them awfully but had them for 5 years!

Dental Floss - I floss my teeth a lot and am totally anal about keeping my teeth in top condition as I am scared of the dentist. I always keep some in my bag in case I get something stuck!

Of course my make up bag get's thrown in and my car keys too and I usually carry a bottle of water wherever I go to keep me hydrated!

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