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Sunday, 20 January 2013

My Picks #002

#01 - Catch up.

Snow was a big part of everyones week and mine too! I was sensible on Friday and caught the bus to work. I then finished work early to catch the 7:10 bus. It never came. At 7:28 I gave up hope and started the 3 mile journey home (in the dark and bitter, bitter cold). I got through the front door at 8:37 and Mum had a big bowl of stew and dumplings waiting for me which made things 100x better! I spent Saturday (I didn't have to go in for my other job, YAY) with Mum and we walked to the local shopping centre to get coffee and buy a few bits. 

Saturday night was spent making enchiladas and nachos! I then lit my favourite candle at the moment (Yankee Candle's Pink Dragon Fruit) and tidied out my room. 

#02 Film of the week - Les Misérables 

This week I went to see this much anticipated film. My friend bawled the whole way through which says a lot but she was more excited about the release of this film then her actual life *giggles to self* . I personally thought it was an amazing film and was impressed with the younger, unknown actors and actresses (Samantha Bark really was extraordinary). Does it need to be 3 hours long? No it doesn't but you will want to see the end that badly you will only mutter under breath about the length once. 

#03 - Nails of the week

Really been loving this colour this week - It's O.P.I Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue. I love blue nails as it's my favourite colour and I own so many different shades. This one is a gorgeous navy but with a high shimmer. It is really opaque and needs no more than two coats. I didn't put a top coat on this and it was chip free for about 3 days! Look out for the collection review during the week!

#04 Decor of the week

I repainted my bedroom back in June and have had a blank wall ever since. My room is beach themed with bright turquoise and hot pink accents throughout. I found these 2 canvases for £5 and thought they will help bring the theme of the room together! Can't wait for my Dad to hang these up for me *please hurry*!

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