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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

MAC Pro Lip Palettes

So just as I checked my emails before bed last night and I came across an email from MAC  in my mailbox. It was to promote the Pro Lip Palettes, something that I had completely overlooked. I love MAC lipsticks but have banned myself from buying them as they are £14 a pop and that's an expensive habit to have. These palettes are £35 each and contain 6 shades. Considering 6 lipsticks will set you back £84 this is actually amazing value and a great way to try a variety of shades of your favourite lip colour. 

Modern Browns Palette

Editorial Reds Palette

Editorial Orange Palette

Preferred Pinks Palette

Select Plums Palette

I absolutely love the preferred pinks palette as it has some safe shades as well as out there purples! The editorial oranges palette would be the perfect palette for your summer holiday with the blogger favourite Morange making an appearance. The editorial reds palette has some reds I would love to try including Ruby Woo & Russian Red. As much as I love these palettes and one will be making an appearance in the spring time (it's just narrowing it down to one that's the problem) I do have one teeny tiny moan. I would much prefer there was a bigger mix up with colours; a few pinks, a nude, a red and a plum would mean all the colours would be used up swiftly as the chances of 6 different plums suiting you are slim depending on your skin colour. But one way around this is to mix colours together with a clean lip brush.

Honestly cannot decide which one I want and I am only going to treat myself to this when I have lost 14 pounds. That's motivation right there! I'm off to go get the ingredients for spinach smoothies right now...

Get your MAC Pro Lip Palette here!

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