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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Quote 001

I honestly believe that if you choose a nice outfit, your day will be brightened. You can then send that positive energy back out into the world and brighten someone else's day. Good day all round, non?

 We all know we live in a world where we are judged by the way we look, which is a total shame, but it's nature. Does the female elephant go for the little male elephant? No, she goes for the big bull. So as humans we are designed to look for potential "mates" through looks. Style is something that we can use to our advantage. As a girl, I think there's nothing hotter than a guy in a crisp black and white suit. I also like guys in track bottoms and white tees. But when the guy is wearing the scruffiest trainers I am put off. See, one little thing (a pair of shoes) can put me off fancying someone. Shallow, but true. If I judge others based on their clothing then I bet I get judged too. So knowing I took an extra 10 minutes to get ready in the morning to look my best I know I am sending out the message I want to people to receive. (The way I dress usually sends out the message that I'm happy, comfortable and ready for a long day!)

 I also believe that learning is for life; watching/reading the news daily and researching things you don't understand will help you out in the future. Some people find it hard to learn things which is fine (I'm lucky as I have a memory like an elephant & can retain info for years) but I hate ignorance. A few of my friends and family don't keep up to date in current affairs and I don't get why they can't take 5 minutes of their day to check the BBC app! I wish they would do this because 1. They look stupid when the rest of us are rambling on about the news & they are silent 2. If they don't know what's going they can sometimes be Un-PC and insensitive. I also find think there's nothing more attractive in a man than intelligence and I would rather be able to hold my own in a debate over current affairs than flutter my eyelashes like a bimbo.

This may not be a popular post with some people but I'd like to start imprinting my opinions and personality on my blog a bit more. I'm very opinionated and have a view on everything. I love finding quotes online, being inspired & think how it affects my life. Let me know your take on today's quote!

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