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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Selfridges Jewellery Wishlist

Designer Jewellery Wishlist - Selfridges

My lack of posting was due to working all weekend and I've been a trying to postpone a cold I know I'm coming down with. Not that it stopped me going out last night although I did stop drinking around 1am (I must be getting mature). 

I've really been getting into jewellery lately as fashion/costume jewellery is a cheap and effective way of shaking up an entire outfit. Of course like most girls I have a magpie sense to shiny things and one of my favourite departments in Selfridges (after the beauty department, duh) is the jewellery. I own a few nice pieces of jewellery which I have received throughout the years and would soon like to put my money towards some decent designer pieces which will last forever rather than spend lots on disposable pieces.

I think all the things I have chosen are pretty standard designer brands we think of when we think of higher end jewellery. I love Marc by Marc Jacobs best fo all and am determined to own some earrings in the near future! I discovered a gorgeous brand called Astley Clarke whilst browsing the website which does some lovely simple pieces which would fit into any wardrobe.

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