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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Primark Spring/Summer 2013

It's already that time of year - the shops are starting to release their Spring/Summer collections! I'm totally a summer girl no matter how much I love Christmas. I long for hot summer days, BBQ's and ice cold ciders in the pub garden. Summer fashion is totally disposable as we may only get a 3 solid months of use out our summer get up before we bury them away for the next year and never use them again! I was most excited by Primark's collection as I find you can pick up a few staple items to carry you through the hot weather & still have change from £100 for a Rekorderlig & 99p!

Beautysets - primark dresses

My summer staple is most definitely a summer dress. My legs are probably my favourite feature as I stand tall at 5"10 & have a tan all round so it's the only bit of myself I don't mind flaunting. I just layer them with a denim jacket/light cardigan and I am good to go! Patterned dresses are my favourites and my favourite colour is blue so particularly love the two top dresses. I dress down for nights out in the summer but if I had to dress up I love the stripy bodycon midi in the bottom left! Best thing? All these dresses are under £20!

I think it's safe to say pastels and aztec are on the scene again for 2013 which is fine by me! I just love lighter colours as they just lift my mood! I absolutely love the pastel pink stripy jeans as you can dress them up or down! I love shorts when it is warmer and tend to wear them with 3/4 sleeve tops and a jacket! My biggest no no of summer is black leggings. I love them I really do but black can be saved for September - how do you expect the sun to shine if you don't!? So I try to find colourful trousers or jackets which I can mix and match!

So hot/neon pink seems quite popular doesn't it? I love a bit of neon (nothing brings out a tan better) and I always find gold jewellery looks better on me! I love Primark for a statement piece of jewellery. Sometimes Topshop's jewellery is so overpriced and let's face it as much as the pink necklace on the right will look good in August it will look plain stupid in November. Really excited to pick up a few bits when I have some money!

So they are my top picks! What's your favourite piece?

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